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Lagniappe Angels pools members' capital and expertise to identify, invest in, and support local start-ups and growth oriented companies.

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Member Managed. Committed Capital.

About Us

Lagniappe Angels is a committed capital angel investment group based in New Orleans, Louisiana. We invest in early-stage local companies with the potential for rapid growth. The group is 'member managed' meaning that our 'Member' investors actively participate in the investment process and ultimately make all investment decisions. 'Committed capital' means that 'Member' investors pay in capital on a fixed schedule and share prorata in the economic outcomes of the group's investments.

For our 'Member' investors Lagniappe is an opportunity to join a community of passionate company builders committed to the principles of collaborative investing and continuous learning. As a committed capital 'fund,' an investment in Lagniappe is an investment in a portfolio of local early stage companies. Lagniappe gives Members access to a portfolio driven investment approach and high quality, consistent, deal flow with a lower minimum buy-in than traditional independent investing. Concurrently, the Lagniappe process means that Members drive group decision making and that the full group's expertise is brought to bear on each investment. As a Member driven organization, we are professional and disciplined while still being approachable and not too formal. For more information for prospective Members check out the 'investors' tab.

For entrepreneurs Lagniappe provides critical local and personable early stage capital as well as long-term access to potential mentors and networks. We are relationship driven and committed to an open and transparent process. For more information on what we look for and how we invest, check out the 'entrepreneurs' tab.

Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy

Help Entrepreneurs

We seek long term relationships with exceptional entrepreneurs focused on building vibrant and scalable businesses.

Leverage Collaboration

We choose to invest collaboratively by leveraging the strengths of all 'Member' investors and sharing risk and having fun in the process.

Local First

We focus our investing locally and seek investments that connect to local industries and leverage local core competencies.

Radically Transparent

We value transparency: good or bad and view continuing education as core to our mission.

Portfolio Companies

We are looking for Entrepreneurs.

Interested in getting funded by Lagniappe? We're looking for opportunities. Check out what we fund and how we operate as well as resources for entrepreneurs on our "entrepreneurs" page.

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We are looking to build relationships with people committed to helping start-ups, local investors, and high growth potential companies. If you fit this mold, drop us a line and let's talk.